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Alumni Meet

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Department of Mechanical Engineering is organizing a 36 hours extensive workshop on Solidworks from September 1-6, 2014for the students of final year who are on industrial training for complete semester.....
The students of B. Tech (2nd year) are going to organize Freshers parties to formally welcome the students of B. Tech. (first year) as per the tradition of our college. The....
  RAGGING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED   UGC/AICTE and Punjab Technical University, Jallandhar have recommended stern measures to check the ragging in educational institutions. The punishment to be awarded for those who are found....
  A CSE departmental event, PROGRAMMING HUNT was held on Thursday, 21 August, 2014. Total 153 students registered for the event out of which top 9 students were declared winners. Prize....
  The ISHRAE-BBSBEC chapter is organizing a one day workshop on 23/8/2014 for the faculty (All Departments) and the students of Mechanical Engineering on the titled subject “Psychrometry” by distinguished resource....
  It is matter of pride that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College is hosting 11th Khalsai Games being organized under the aegis of SGPC. Games would be held on 16-18th....
An interaction session was organised by Department of Training and Placement on 18th August, 2014. Mr Rishi Partap Singh, Delivery Manager IT operations - Infosys interacted with CS & IT....

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